• The primary objective of the course is to provide an overview of the discipline of marketing,both as a philosophy of business and as a series of business practices.

    The course will explore the field of marketing, as it directs the organization’s resourcesto satisfy customers’ wants and needs through the exchange process, at areasonable profit to the organization.

    We will examine how marketers: understand consumers’ needs and wants; develop productsand services that provide superior value; and how they price, distribute, andpromote products and services effectively, both domestically andinternationally.

  • The objective of the course is to develop an understanding of concepts and procedures of corporate financial reporting and control in order to be able to effectively utilize this information and participate in its development as a corporate manager. The goal of Introduction to Accounting is to improve organizational decision-making and to align it with the organization’s strategy/objectives.

  • Economics consists of two parts, Macro – and Microeconomics. Microeconomics analyses the market and how the different players can achieve their objectives in a market economy. Therefore we introduce participants to the theory of consumers’ behavior and the theory of the firm in order to help answer what the most rationale decisions are. We will also learn what the economic consequences of the different market structures on the individuals and on the society as a whole are. Then we will discuss the factor market, the demand and supply for capital, labor and land. Finally we will highlight the conflicts between economic and social efficiency.