Jewish Studies

Antal Örkény - Sociology Approaches: Empirical Research on Problems of Nationalism and Minorities 2013/2014 SpringInformation
Interpretations of Modern Antisemitism - András KovácsInformation
Szabolcs Pogonyi: Diaspora PoliticsThis course requires an enrolment key
Religion and Politics in the Secular State
Topics and methodologies in nationalism studies: avenues further Information
András L. Pap Legal and Institutional Approaches to Minority ProtectionInformation
Anton Pelinka Federal Systems: Tthe EU, US And India ComparedInformation
Anton Pelinka: Nationalism and Political Theory 2013 - 2014 FallInformation
Szabolcs Pogonyi: Introduction to the Study of Nationalism, Minorities and Ethnicity 2013/2014 FallInformation
Szabolcs Pogonyi: Citizenship Regimes in Europe: Norms and Practices 2013 - 2014 FallInformation
Michael L. Miller: Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism in Historical Perspective 2012/13 Winter
Luca Váradi: The Sociology of Ethnic Prejudice: Understanding Anti-Semitic, Anti-Roma and Xenophobic Attitudes 2013 - 2014 FallInformation
Florian Bieber: Nationalism in Southeastern Europe 2013/2014 FallInformation
Michael L. Miller: Paths to Jewish Emacipation 2012 Fall
András Kovács: Nationalism, national identity, national feeling: the sociological and socio-psychological approach 2013 - 2014 Fall
Julia Szalai: Sociological Approaches to Race and Ethnicity: The Roma in Central Europe
Karin Liebhart: Methodological approaches to social research 2013 - 2014 Fall
Michael L. Miller: Comparative DiasporasInformation
Legal and Institutional Approaches to Minority Protection
The Politics and Culture of Modern East European JewryInformation
The Emergence of ZionismThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Sociological Investigation of Ethnicity and MinoritiesInformation
Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity, Racism and Nationalism: with special reference to Romany peoplesInformation