• Student Test Course

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  • The course will provide you with tools to manage your interactions with malfunctioning government agencies. You will learn that law, policy and politics are topics not only for a cocktail party conversation; they can become a part of your core managerial toolkit – just like marketing, accounting, or finance. That is why we will sidestep discussions about remaking the world and focus instead on the practical: how to deal with an incompetent or corrupted bureaucrat, how to respond to a populist government that wants to nationalize your enterprise, and how to operate in a country that is entangled in a serious international conflict. We will learn how to form and lead an effective lobbying coalition, how to network with public officials without ending up in jail, and how to behave when an administrative agency is your customer or business partner. I strongly believe that by the end of the course, you will find it well worth the time and effort.