Public Management 2013/2014 Winter
(Public Management 2013/2014 Winter)

  • The course will demonstrate the difference between classical public administration and various paradigms of public management, such as new public management, performance management and alternative forms of quality assurance, accountability and performance budgeting.

  • Students will learn about service delivery options such as outsourcing, PPP, concessions, as well as other attempts to improve classical public administration “delivery.”

  • Critiques and empirical observations in transition country settings will enable students to map various paths to delivering public services more efficiently.

  • The role of the Third Sector, i.e. NGOs, Quangos, Foundations, non-profit businesses and other associations in defining, monitoring and in some cases, delivering public services will be discussed.

  • The course will open with a critique of classical administration models and attempts to improve them.It will conclude with a review of lessons learned in implementing New Public Management in transition and advanced economies.