International and European Refugee Law Winter 2013/14
(International and European Ref Law Winter 2013/14)

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This course explores the legal and policy issues offorced migration. It is practice oriented, enabling the students to meetleading actors of the refugee scene, including staff members of the UnitedNations High Commissioner for Refugees Budapest Office, the Hungarian Officefor Immigration and Nationality and the leading NGO-s (Helsinki Committee,Menedek). Meeting with asylum seekers and refugees may also be part of the course. The course consists offour major blocks: the first sets the historic, conceptual and philosophicalframework. The second reviews international refugee law, to be applied at the universallevel. The third thoroughly investigates the European asylum acquis from its inception to its presentstate and looks into proposals concerning future development, covering both thenormative and the instituional (EASO) aspect. The fourth block is ratherempirical and introduces the actors, first and foremost the refugees, theirpsychological experience during flight and in the asylum country and the major actors alleviating their plight.

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