Rural Development Policy in Post-Socialist Countries 2013/2014 Winter
(Rural Policy_2013/2014 Winter)

This course looks at the conditions for rural development in the former socialist countries of central, eastern and southern Europe.Many of the questions that confront these places are common to other rural areas in the world – the impact of mobility and migration, the management of natural resources and the relations between public and private property rights, the delivery of decent public services to foster stability and growth and the connection between the dominant economic sector – agriculture - and its related sectors up and downstream.Within Europe, there is an increasing recognition that rural development policy is much more than the maintenance of farming.Policy for supporting a viable countryside requires proper analysis of all the major forces influencing rural development.It involves integrating knowledge of economic growth with appreciation of the role of public policy in promoting alternative directions.It requires taking into account not only the distinct nature of rural life but the ways in which the countryside is constantly changing.