Politics of Gender Based Violence 2013/2014 Winter
(Politics of Gender Based Violence 2013/14 Winter)

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This course will take a policy perspective on violence against women. It aims to look at the politics of violence against women through understanding the main challenges of framing it as a policy issue, through understanding the history of feminist mobilization around it and its reception by state and international players, and through examining available state responses to addressing it. Readings will be interdisciplinary including some basic social theory works on the ontology of violence, but mainly geared towards political science, social movement analysis, human rights and policy literature. Specific forms of violence against women such as violence in intimate relations, rape, sexual harassment, sexual violence and war and cultural forms of violence will be discussed. The course will engage with practical policy materials such as policy reports, laws and policies from different countries and from different organizations. Cases will be discussed comparatively with more specific attention to countries pioneering in the process of developing policies on violence against women and countries in the CEE region. The course will also aim to bring in practitioners from international organizations and NGOs, depending on availability.

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