Innovation and Intrapreneurship 2014 Summer
(Innovation and Intrapreneurship 2014 Summer)

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Managing innovation at large corporations is one of the most complex challenges of modern times. The importance of technical innovation is unquestionable: innovation is a driver of growth and a key factor of competitiveness. Innovation is about creating something new, about initiating change, that’s why it is inherently very risky and difficult to manage. By the statistics failure rate is extremely high: technology is not enough, new things must be taken to the market efficiently and successfully.

Innovation is permanently innovated: new approaches, new models, new processes emerge regularly and compete with each other. Frequently updated knowledge and special skills are needed to understand what is happening in this field and to adapt and apply new solutions and tools properly.

The aim of this course is to provide the participants

·a comprehensive picture of modern innovation management at large companies;

·a good understanding of models, processes and management solutions for innovation;

·an opportunity to highlight and develop the specific skills needed, with a special attention on practice and implementation;

·a forum for sharing ideas and discussions with practicing managers about how they try to mix the strength of a large corporation with the flexibility and innovativeness of a small venture.

This course requires an enrolment key