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How should I Copy / paste text from Ms Word?
by Gabor Acs - Friday, 8 July 2011, 02:13 PM

Most of the time when you will copy / paste some text from a MS Word document to Moodle it will be done without any problems (label or web page as a teacher; assignment, forum post as a student).

But it is recommended to be cautious with this as sometimes a few formatting problems can happen as these documents have many "hidden" formatting options inside (and you copy these options as well without knowing it).

What can you do to prevent any possible problems?

You should not copy/paste text directly from MS Word documents, but clear the problematic formatting first. There are multiple options for this:

  • clear formatting in Ms Word
  • save your text into Notepad first
  • save your Word document as a HTML file(file/save as a web page) first

    and copy/paste your text afterwards.